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$20 Per Referral  

We value your business! For every patient you refer who buys glasses or contact lenses from us, you receive a $20 credit towards your next product purchase*. These can be combined for every referral and, when added up, can give you significant savings!

It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us grow so we can continue to give you the high quality of care we aspire to.  We reinvest the majority of our profits back into the practice and the community.  This means the latest technology, the newest frames and sunglasses, and the high level of care and staff attention that makes us different.

If you were happy with your experience at our clinic, we would greatly appreciate a Google or Yelp testimonial for all to see. It is the highest compliment you could give us.  Simply find the links on the bottom right corner of our home page… and while you are there, click on the link to like us on Facebook for the latest promotions and news!

*Rewards are calculated quarterly and placed on your file as a credit towards future product purchases. Credit cannot be applied to doctor services but can be applied to contact lenses, eyewear, sunwear and any other retail product.  There is no limit to the credit you can accumulate, and no expiry.

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