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EnChroma glasses unlock a new world of color for people with color blindness!

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Common Questions about our Enchroma Glasses
  • Will these glasses work for me?

    • Not everyone will get the same results from the glasses.   The EnChroma glasses are effective in 4 out of 5 cases of color vision deficiency.  Take the color test above to see if you are a good candidate.

  • What is the difference between the EnChroma outdoor and EnChroma Indoor glasses

    • The indoor glasses ​have less of a lens tint and may not work as well as the outdoor glasses.

    • The outdoor glasses are a grade 3 sunglass with an 80% tint on them

  • Do I need an eye exam to try EnChroma at Tofield Eyecare? 

    • ANYONE can come in and try the glasses at our office.  We do recommend a recent eye exam as this can better predict if you will be a good candidate. 

    • The glasses work best when you have the most up to date prescription for your eyes so it is important to have that.  Even people with very small prescriptions can benefit from having the prescription put in the EnChroma glasses

  • Can I use the EnChroma glasses as sunglasses?

    • YES!  They have all the great features of high end sunglasses including backside anti-reflective coating and thus allow you to enjoy the great colors of the outdoors 

  • Can I put the EnChroma lens technology into my own frame?

    • YES!  You sure can, EnChroma glasses are available in single vision and progressive​ options.

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