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Pediatric Eye Exam 

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We love kids!

Dr. Kallal and Dr. Lim LOVE seeing kids.  Alberta Healthcare covers all visits to our office for children under 19 years of age!


Annual eye exams are recommended for children.  Many

children have undiagnosed vision problems or have eye 

​focusing problems that go undiagnosed and inhibit their ability

to read and learn. Today's children experience greater visual 

demands with the increased use of digital devices. It is important 

to make sure your child is not struggling with their vision.

20/20 Vision is NOT Everything!
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Your child's first eye exam should occur before they are one year of age. No, this is not a typo! Getting your child's vision checked while they are an infant is important to make sure their eyes develop properly.


If your child has an eye infection, bring them in to see our doctors.

Our Doctors of Optometry can prescribe medications for eye 

infections and can usually see children the same day.  

Tofield Eyecare is proud to be a part of Eye See Eye Learn!

​This is a program that provides a free pair of glasses to children

in kindergarden. Contact us for more details!

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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