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Workplace Eye Safety- Protect your Vision!

Injuries in the workplace are fairly common. According to the CNIB 700 workers sustain eye injuries EVERY day in Canada. The estimated cost of this is about $80,000 in lost production per day in Canada. 90% of the eye injuries are preventable! Eye injuries can range from corneal abrasions (cuts to the eye), foreign objects in the eye, welding flash and even chemical burns to the eye.

Safety glasses are required on most work sites today and help to prevent eye injuries. There are many great over the counter safety glasses but many may not fit you properly. Properly fitting safety glasses work much better as they not only fit you properly but they can also be made with your prescription and allow you to see your best.

At Tofield Eyecare we have a great selection of safety eyewear for men, women and kids with brands from Leader, Wiley X, Onguard, Armourx and Uvex. Stop by our office to check out our selection or to talk with our licensed opticians about the the best frames for you.

If you do receive an eye injury myself or Dr Lim can see you right away to make sure no permanent damage has been done. If you have an eye emergency after hours feel free to call or text my cell anytime (587-991-8957). Any visit to our office regarding an eye injury is covered by Alberta Healthcare. #tofield #eyesafe #safetyglasses #wileyX #tofieldeyecare

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