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Nighttime driving- Why is it so difficult?

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Hard to believe 2017 is almost over. The winter months bring short days for us.  Living and working in rural Alberta we spend many hours driving to work, to hockey, school, dance, doctors appointments, and Christmas shopping.  In the winter much of this is done in the dark and many people have a very hard time with this.  There are three main things that can play a role in our nighttime vision.

  1. Uncorrected refractive error: people with small amounts of astigmatism will notice halos at night.  This is due to our pupils getting much bigger in the dark and thus letting more light in and causing much more glare.

  2. Dry Eye: If our eyes are dry or if they tear excessively this can make it very difficult to see, especially at night. Many different drops or therapies can be used to help alleviate excessive tearing or dry eyes.

  3. Cataracts: Cataracts are the most common eye condition in the world.  Early cataracts are seen around age 50.  Although they are usually very small they can cause major issues like glare and halos at night.

Many things can be done to improve your vision in the low light conditions.  Stop by Tofield Eyecare so we can figure out what is causing your problems and determine the best solution for you.

All the best in 2018 and safe travels.

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