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Diabetes and its affect on Vision

November was Diabetes awareness month.  Diabetes can have a major impact on your body and especially your vision.  In fact, Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in Canadians under 50 years old.

Diabetes affects the tiny blood vessels in your eye.  With uncontrolled blood sugar the tiny blood vessels located in the retina (back of eye) get weak and they leak blood (diabetic retinopathy).   The leaking of blood vessels can cause major problems and lead to scarring in the back of the eye, this can lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness.

If you have good vision and see well you can still have problems with Diabetic Retinopathy.  Diabetic Retinopathy usually does not affect your vision until an advanced stage so it is important to have your eyes checked.  In some cases an eye exam is the first place diabetes can be detected.

At Tofield Eyecare we have the latest technology in eye care and retina imaging to help better diagnosis, detect and manage Diabetic Retinopathy.  Diabetic eye health checks are covered by Alberta Healthcare so if you or your loved one has diabetes please make sure they get their eyes checked.  We are happy to see them at our office and we work closely with family doctors, Internists and Ophthalmologists to monitor for Diabetic eye disease.  

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