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Colour blind? It is more common than you think!

Colour Vision deficiency (CVD) aka colour blindness affects about seven to eight percent of the population. The majority of colour vision deficiency affects males with less than 1% affecting females. Here are some facts on colour vision.

1- Most people with CVD still see colour- they just have a hard time seeing certain colours. Usually red / green are the colours that are difficult for people with CVD to see.

2- Colour Vision is inherited- It is inherited on our X chromosome. Men have one chromosome and women have two X chromosomes. Therefore a male who has CVD will pass the X chromosome on to all his daughters who become carriers of the gene. The daughter would then pass the X chromosome onto her sons who would be color deficient. So a grandfather will pass the CVD onto his grandson.

3- The eye has 3 colour vision receptors (aka cones)- These receptors have specific sensitivities for certain colours of light. CVD causes these receptors to be shifted so that they are sensitive to the same colour. Depending on how much of a shift there is determines how ‘colour blind’ the person is.

Tofield Eyecare is excited to be one of the first retailers in Alberta to carry EnChroma glasses. EnChroma glasses are effective in 80% of people with colour vision deficiency (they do not work in everyone). If you or a loved one has a colour vision deficiency feel free to stop by our office anytime for more info and to try them on! #EnChroma #CVD #colorvision #colorblind #Alberta #tofieldeyecare #geteyewise

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