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Cataracts are the clouding of the normally clear lens inside our eye. Cataracts commonly affect people as they get older but cataracts can even be seen in infants. Cataracts usually form very slowly with symptoms such as blurry vision, glare and halos. When the cataracts become more advanced cataract surgery can be done. The average age for cataract surgery is about 74 years old and the surgery is usually very effective and successful. We work closely with the surgeon to make sure things go well and in many cases after surgery you are much less dependent on glasses!

EVERYONE will get a cataract at some point in their life but some people may never get surgery as their vision is not bothersome. Risk factors for increased risk for cataract progression include: diabetes, UV (sun) exposure, trauma to the eye, smoking, and poor nutrition. Recent studies also indicate the possibility of blue light from computer screens and LED lighting can also play a role in cataract development. Please make sure you are taking the proper measures to decrease your risk for cataracts! #cataracts, #eyehealth #tofield #bluelight #tofieldeyecare

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